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Ania Gola-Kumor came to US in 1982, two years after she received her MFA from Warsaw Academy of Fine Art. She has shown her work in US and internationally.

She is also a respected Art Professor at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

She says: “My images are near abstractions, psychological or intellectual.

I am making Art out of the need of giving form to my emotions, expressing and verifying issues I am exploring and verify something I never quite realize until I am satisfied with the results of my work.”

Michael Paglia, Westword Magazine, May 16 2013:

Gola-Kumor has been exhibiting in Denver for decades; her signature style is all-over abstractions formed from clearly defined shapes that fill the picture plane to the edges, like the pieces of an enigmatic puzzle. Her painterly technique is breathtaking, with lots of overpainting in broken passages across the picture that is emphasized by a sense for drawing, as though Gola-Kumor had scribbled across the canvases and then carefully filled in the resulting automatist forms with layer upon layer of pigment — which is precisely what she did. The automatism links her to abstract expressionism, while the meditative followup makes her approach distinctly different. Gola-Kumor’s palettes are remarkable and unerring in their elegant balance. The paintings in this group are closely associated formally, but not in terms of their colors, which, though defined by a limited range within each piece, encompass the entire spectrum of color across the series. Some are filled with hot, toned-up reds and oranges, while others are in cool, recessive shades of creams and greens; all are untitled.

Gola-Kumor’s 2013 exhibit, “Moving Paint”, was recently awarded by Westword Magazine as Best Solo Gallery Show in Denver at the Sandra Phillips Gallery.

I’ve shown my work in Colorado, Santa Fe, New York, Los Angeles, London, Chicago and Toronto.

I make abstract Art and I am a Colorist. My paintings are near, psychological or intellectual abstractions. I want to express issues I am exploring and verify something I never quite realize until I am satisfied with the results of my work. I have a taste for defects or blemishes which, when skillfully accumulated, may acquire a special power.


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