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  Anna Kaye - Works on Paper  
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Apparition is a series of meticulously rendered charcoal, graphite, and watercolor drawings that explore the relationship between Western coniferous forests and their wildfires. There are many fire dependent plants, animals, and trees that play an important role in these forest ecosystems. This dependency is artistically rendered through intricately drawn flames entangled with organic matter on the forest floor. Drawing media produces subjects that are fragile, vulnerable, soft, and visceral. The aftermath of a wildfire is exhibited in drawings of charred trees covered in a thick mist and Colorado wildflowers emerging from scorched landscapes. While wildfires can be devastating, they are necessary to create healthier forests that promote disease prevention, space for new growth, and diversity.  Apparition emphasizes fire as a natural impetus for change and regeneration.

10% of all sales will go to Colorado’s State Forest Service to provide funding for their fire management programs.

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